For Healthy and safe life we Should Know that.

For Healthy and safe life we Should Know that.


In spite of this is a Travel Blog. For the cause of COVID-19, we can’t discuss it. About normal and cesarean delivery in developing countries, A lot is thought. So today we tried to give some idea about it.

Example-1: The patient and her husband came and told them that they were preparing for normal delivery. These include homeopathic medicines, not taking too many vitamin medicines (because the baby will grow up), and eating oily foods (delivery will be easier). Although I was a little disappointed to hear, I waited for the delivery pain to rise. Eventually, when the pain arose the patient and his relatives requested a cesarean section.


Example-2: As the only daughter of the parents, this patient was very happy. It is common for girls to be interested in having a cesarean section. However, he said that he is willing to have a normal baby, so he is watching various videos from YouTube every day and taking advice and exercising. It was later found that her placenta or placenta was located below the uterus, so the baby had to be delivered by cesarean section.


The above two examples are of two patients, who came from very different positions in society. Both of them expected a normal delivery but in the end, they had a cesarean delivery. In fact, normal delivery is a normal process. There is no need to try to run the character in an unusual way. However, lately, mothers have become more and more aware of the need to follow superstitions and move away from the normal / simple path. So here are some guidelines on how expectant mothers can prepare for a normal delivery:


👉 First of all, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle - so that your body weight (BMI) remains normal. If the weight is less or more than normal, the chances of normal delivery are reduced and various complications can occur during delivery.


👉 Those who have various medical problems such as pressure or diabetes before pregnancy should follow the advice of a regular doctor so that these problems are under control during pregnancy.




👉 Even those who have had a cesarean section may try a normal delivery later. But it will depend on what caused the previous Caesar and some more factors. This delivery is practiced in some corporate hospitals in Bangladesh.


👉 Mothers should continue normal activities from the beginning of pregnancy. Except for some pregnant mothers (placenta previa, preterm delivery history, etc.), everyone can do light to moderate exercise and walk 20 minutes three to four days a week. Many people think that if she is pregnant, she should be at rest now, which increases the risk of various medical disorders including diabetes and pressure, and reduces the chances of a normal delivery.


👉 Mental preparation plays a big role here. All mothers should keep in mind that normal delivery is a difficult process but it has benefits for both mother and baby. And the mental preparation to endure the pain of delivery should not only take the mother, but the encouragement and support of others in the family are also very important in this case.


👉 Delivery does not require any medication or food to lift the pain, it is a God-given process that is normal. It is possible to lift the delivery pain through induction under the supervision of a doctor even after waiting for a certain period of time. For this, you should consult a gynecologist without much tension or worry.


Another thing to keep in mind is that despite all the mental preparation, there can be some complications when trying to have a normal delivery can be detrimental to both the mother and the baby, so it is best not to delay Caesar's decision at this time. In all cases, a healthy child should be expected by relying on God