Shocking news! we are increasing Social media Crime by Facebook? -- Final Part

Shocking news! we are increasing Social media Crime by Facebook? -- Final Part

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Among the negative exercises that are right now occurring through Facebook is to affront Prime Minister Sheik Hasina on Facebook on a few events. Albeit a considerable lot of the notable and mainstream individuals don't have Facebook accounts, some corrupt clients and posses are continually opening phony Facebook accounts utilizing their names and pictures. Simultaneously, hostile pictures and language are being utilized in these phony records. There is provocative, promulgation, and deceiving data. Facebook is additionally being utilized to spread strict disdain. The previous a few


There have likewise been episodes of public test question papers being spilled on Facebook. The hostile photos of the casualties caught in affection are being spread on the web. Numerous individuals couldn't bear the affront and yielded themselves. Wrongdoing specialists state the rate of lewd behavior, particularly through Facebook, has risen alarmingly. Sometimes, young men are cheating with others by professing to be young ladies by opening phony records on Facebook. Some of them are sending hostile instant messages to their sweethearts on Facebook or manhandling their photos.


On the off chance that these occasions proceed, this well-known medium might be lost from us soon. So let us know about our position, cease from spreading provocative, publicity, and deceiving data. Take care that we don't make irritation anybody, don't upset mind-blowing tranquility. 


Shocking news! we are increasing Social media Crime by Facebook? --Part One

Shocking news! we are increasing Social media Crime by Facebook?  --Part One


is presently one of the most well known online media stages on the planet, including Bangladesh. It is incomprehensible that an individual who has a cell phone close by or has a web association at home doesn't utilize Facebook.


The quantity of Facebook clients, the world's biggest online media, has surpassed 10 million in Bangladesh. Of these, 72 lakh are men and 22 lakh are ladies. Just the quantity of 15 to 35-year-olds is 84 lakh. This shows that most of Facebook clients in Bangladesh are youthful. Also, there are just 5 lakh 20 thousand Facebook clients somewhere in the range of 35 and 60.


However, this well-known mechanism of correspondence is currently likewise being assessed as a reason for social debasement. Sociologists and analysts state that Facebook is presently being utilized for negative purposes rather than the reason for which it should be utilized. Presently Facebook has become the reason for agitation, wretchedness, and enduring of many. The web-based media has caused turmoil in numerous homes. Going to be companions on Facebook, numerous individuals are creating extramarital undertakings. Also, breaking into it


Many masterminded families. Numerous individuals are investing more energy on Facebook than on the planet. This is making doubt among a couple. Youngsters are engaging in misleading connections. Sometimes, young ladies fall prey to cherish and are explicitly manhandled. Unnecessary Facebook dependence on kids and youngsters is hampering their examinations. For the sake of high-positioning and built up individuals from the general public, passing dangers are being made by spreading promulgation and criticism through this correspondence. Indeed, even stars and craftsmen are being stigmatized by making counterfeit obscene recordings and pictures and spreading them on Facebook. All things considered, this vehicle of social correspondence has now become a reason for social issues. What's more, as the utilization of data innovation increments, so does the degree of wrongdoing. As per the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BTRC), the vast majority of the claims identified with cybercrime are Facebook-driven. Furthermore, the advisory group framed by BTRC to forestall this wrongdoing has gotten around one and a half thousand grievances in the most recent year. Which is twofold that of his earlier year.