Do you think money is the only way to happiness? - FINAL PART

Do you think money is the only way to happiness? - FINAL PART

 In this article, I have used the place as a Bangladeshi. So be patient to read the article.

 Furthermore, visiting doesn't mean you need to go to Cox's Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati constantly. This colder time of year, on the off chance that you walk two feet from the city, you will see that the field is brimming with yellow mustard blossoms. Try not to carry your adored one with you from that yellow backwoods field. Time won't pass evil.

What is the cost of a pastime once more?

    It's very own little home. Be that as it may, you need to keep it flawlessly masterminded. At that point go unobtrusively considering the expense behind the furnishings. Yet, by the day's end weakness, when you sit on a pad on a veranda brimming with occasional blossoms with some tea, think about that time. To enliven a veranda with plants in your home yet won't require a lot of cash. You can make your home stylishly satisfying with more affordable furniture than arranged furnishings. Perhaps your pastime is playing the piano. In the event that you consider cash and preclude it, you will in any case have lament. Locate an option in contrast to purchasing a piano from an immense showroom. Somebody might be eliminating this gadget from their assortment. Regardless of whether you purchase old, your side interest is satisfied. At the point when you play a little tune on your own piano, it's nothing exactly lifting your hands and yelling over that gigantic mountain.

    I had a pastime of keeping my own white shoe box. I went to the store and didn't care for it. Which I got once more, the cost requested a ton of cash. I purchased paint for Rs. 200 and a brush for Rs. 20 and whitewashed my container of chocolate shoes. Presently I don't think it was chocolate tone previously.

    Farhana Mohsin works in a private advancement office. Seeing his garments, his associates asked him on various occasions which brand of garments he was wearing. Farhana stated, 'At whatever point I hear such an inquiry, I right his slip-up first. Sharp or lovely apparel doesn't mean brand. I likewise purchased garments from the van on the walkway of Gauchia Market or Mirpur. At that point, I cut it varying. I purchased delightful saris at low costs from Hawkers Market or Jahangirnagar Hat. They go to better places later. 'You don't generally require costly brands to style. You can without much of a stretch style for less cash with your own imagination.

    Numerous individuals have this thought in pretty much every field of life. For the joy of bringing in cash, does that satisfaction consistently coordinate in the event that you have cash! Satisfaction doesn't need an excessive amount of cash. To satisfy little pastimes, it is essential to proceed with fortitude instead of cash to keep yourself upbeat. A great deal of time is gone through on a ton of cash, the bliss that doesn't coordinate even subsequent to going numerous ways is found close to the house. You should simply take a gander at the eyes, put your feet up from the house.


Do you think money is the only way to happiness? Part -1

Do you think money is the only way to happiness? Part -1

 In this article, I have used the place as a Bangladeshi. So be patient to read the article.


   What's going on with longing for a huge number of rupees lying on a torn cover! If you can plan for an impressive future, you can arrive at the center. Somebody might be acquiring a large number of rupees a month. Also, he is doing this pay. Yet, by the day's end, he brought in that cash. At the point when he glances back toward the year's end, he sees that solitary a great many rupees have been saved in the bank. Not any more lovely recollections. The bank of the brain is the normal field. No going out with family, spending time with companions, eating at any eatery.

     To carry on with a decent life, you need these things occasionally to beat the dullness of regular day to day existence. It shows a line of satisfaction in everyday schedule life. That upbeat memory gives individuals coordinations to push ahead later on. Ordinarily, we back down considering eating out because of a paranoid fear of going through cash. In any case, eating out or hanging out is a sort of reward. Nobody will go to the café consistently to eat. So one day the oven of the house was killed. He eats as much food as possible with his better half, kids, or close individuals. There will be a difference in taste just as a sort of progress of air with others. Indeed, even during this season of the pestilence, the new typical necessities a little change outside.

A couple of days in the capricious :

     Recollect Ray's film Day and Night in the Forest? Envision briefly you were translated into the karmic driven universe of Earl. Be that as it may, there is a famous saying about voyaging, 'Put all your garments and cash in one spot prior to voyaging. At that point go from that point with a large portion of the garments and twofold the cash. '

     There is not something to fear. It doesn't take a lot of cash to get around, by the same token. Earnest is a fearless psyche. Masood Hasan, overseeing overseer of Bengal Tours Limited, stated, "Voyaging should be possible too. Be that as it may, presently more well-known spending trip. There is satisfaction in having the option to get an excellent outing for less cash-flow. On the off chance that you intend to go around with a little estimation, it is anything but difficult to go around for less cash. On the off chance that anybody is searching for a connected restroom and uncommon veranda while visiting the Sundarbans, it would be absurd. Extravagance excursions will consistently cost more. However, it is less expensive to go there to know, to see, to appreciate. '


Can be strategic without any problem :

     Numerous individuals feel that going to Cox's Bazar implies a ton of cash. So it didn't disappear. Be that as it may, on account of Facebook, individuals are seeing this ocean city consistently. Try not to be tricked in the event that you have a legitimate arrangement. Pick a typical date, not Friday-Saturday or some other public occasion. At the point when the interest in tickets builds, the cost likewise goes up, again the tickets become lacking. On different occasions, if the interest is low, you will get modest tickets. At that point any place you go, you can likewise choose where to remain ahead of time. The cost will be less on the off chance that you go again and check and pick and stay in lodging as per the financial plan.

     Another extraordinary path is to go for the slow time of year or of the trip. Presently, everybody, will Cox's Bazar more, you can go to North Bengal or Sylhet all things considered. The equivalent goes for voyaging abroad. On the off chance that you purchase tickets in the 'slow time of year', booking lodging will divide the expense of movement.