Is there is no way to solve problem without war? FINAL PART

Is there is no way to solve problem without war? FINAL PART

It's a continuous article of Is there is no way to solve problem without war?


The Facilitator can be a blend character of a miscreant, untrustworthy, dissatisfied or deceptive. Such facilitators can measure up to beasts. The inquiry might be what is a beast? I don't have any acquaintance with myself, however there will be something monstrous and undetectable, similar to a phantom, a spouse. Can we say whether such facilitators exist in the family, society or a country?


What do we have any idea that they are a gathering of beasts called individuals with the most ridiculously revolting person in the public eye? We just discussion about debasement, pay off takers, usurers, attackers, scoundrels that they are the shame of mankind. Have you at any point believed that the facilitators, miscreants, untrustworthy, unreasonable and exploitative in the general public are sufficient to obliterate a family, society and country? How might they be recognized? We should attempt to explain the matter with a model.

There is no family in Bangladesh where there is no distinction of assessment. However, our temperament is that we never reprimand ourselves. We are more worried about what's going on in other's loved ones. Ready to be five-looked in defamation and tattle.

We fail to remember that our own stomach is loaded with waste and when it leaves the body it is difficult to bear the smell regardless of whether it is our own waste. In the language of the pastors, it is important to say, "Is it valid?" In the family commonly there is disarray among family; Which could be because of cash related or contrasts of assessment.

All things considered, many individuals approach with the chance of the family's frail feeling of dejection. They appreciate mutilating the fresh insight about the two sides. Many have helped here and there or one more from somebody, just to not be able to reimburse the obligation of appreciation and fall into resentment.

They do such activities intentionally. The people who do such activities have a mind problem. The best way to dispose of them is to tackle the issue through direct exchange with one another, regardless of the number of issues that are right there, so that the curlprit of the general public can not enter the family and steer the relationship in a terrible course. Recollect that change needs to begin from the family, and terrible individuals can't be allowed an opportunity.

You ought to figure out how to discuss the house with individuals of the house. Discussing the house to the following individual and the spouse or husband of the house going to the following individual is exactly the same thing. The thing that matters is just physical and the other is mental. So let us promise, I won't take advantage of anybody, I won't remove anybody's privileges, I won't make separation, I won't do debasement, I won't acknowledge it on the off chance that another person makes it happen. We surely can and we should.

There are facilitators in imaginative social orders from one side of the planet to the other. They help to establish great climate and great relationship in family or society. In many nations like Bangladesh, crafted by facilitator is negative. Since in a general public where unfortunate schooling is a higher priority than well-rounded schooling, it is normal for facilitators to have terrible person. You can't be accomplished in the event that you have moral information. It is a direct result of the shortfall of heart that man turns into a beast. We are made as people.

On the off chance that we lose the equilibrium of humankind through insidious deeds, the facilitator turns into a defeatist, corrupt, careless, unscrupulous, beast and so on. So how can it be to get a lovely person?

I have faith in God, so I trust in still, small voice. I accept in the event that we have some control over the soul a smidgen basically we will and should commit mistakes, just guarantee we gain from them!


Finally as a general group we need to say no product, we really want serene world.

Is there is no way to solve problem without war? PART-1

Is there is no way to solve problem without war?   PART-1

Humankind is one more name for lovely person. One in whom heart works can't be a non-human or a devil. Similarly as well-rounded schooling requires trustworthiness and all around arranged preparing,

great person requires disregarding criticism and tattle, or more all keeping inner voice connected to our viewpoints and activities.

I figured the West probably won't need to see war once more. As the surge of rivalry is streaming all around the world in different ways. All things considered, I expected that individuals would declare triumph through rivalry, not race war, however imaginative techniques, yet no, that thought stayed a fantasy.

  Nobody is kept from assembling and purchasing war rockets and storing them. In rich nations, nobody is passing their day to day existence because of the absence of food, clothing, asylum, training and well being, yet the nations which have not yet satisfied the essential privileges of individuals are occupied with planning for battle by purchasing rockets.

How might the world expect harmony when arms are being imported and traded? What is the requirement for strategy and the Unified Countries when the world has settled on such a cognizant choice? What are they doing other than obliterating food and ruining clean water?

Assuming the world is to be driven by war and maltreatment of unlawful power, then, at that point, why bother with discussing a vote based system. Decentralization of force should be possible through instruction, sports and innovation, yet rather it is a conflict rivalry! We are residents of a reality where some are battling to get a modest bunch of food in their stomach and some are battling to obliterate the tranquility of the world.

We are discussing profound quality in the study hall, promising to fabricate a general public liberated from debasement and genuineness while killing one another. In the event that you take a gander at your own family, what do you see? It would be inappropriate to express that there are special cases. Toward the start of my introduction to the world we battled to dispose of the scourge of oppression, yet I didn't believe that I was killing individuals by being human. Then, at that point, it seemed like I was killing the adversary.

Further down the road, I gained tons of useful knowledge from seeing the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. humankind open stage has forever been motivated by great angles, so we have consistently attempted to feature them in different ways. Be that as it may, apparently can't see the normal outcomes! What are the potential explanations behind this disappointment?

Before that, the people who are attempting to play the twelve chimes of the general public by eating the general public need to talk. I'm discussing facilitators. Facilitator implies organizer. In the West the word has a quality from an uplifting outlook. There are certain individuals on the planet who go about as great facilitators in a family or society. The principal reason for their work is to make coordination through at least one individuals.

The term Choglakhor (Bengali word) alludes to an individual who addresses others to charm himself with others, to fortify his situation, to serve individual interests and to acquire honors. The word unreasonable means one who doesn't recognize the advantage of a sponsor. Also, exploitative doesn't acknowledge the advantage of the usefulness yet hurts if conceivable.