Depression is a silent killer. FAINAL PART

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Still, children and teenagers are more likely to suffer from depression due to colorful reasons. As numerous

people are affected by this problem due to failure in love, Mr. Maruf thinks cerebral support for children and teenagers is necessary in similar cases.

 Why do people suffer from depression?

 According to psychologist Mekhla Sarkar, inheritable blights are particularly important among numerous factors." numerous people can suffer from depression due to genetics. It's necessary to take into account natural conditions. Also, negative cerebral structure. Or the girding terrain that he feels doesn't go with him presently". He said that if there's a breakup, divorce, or someone in the family is affected by illness, there's a threat of depression. Again each around is fine, but still, a person can suffer from depression due to colorful natural or essential reasons.

 What's the way to cut depression?

 According to Mekhla Sarkar, there are three types of depression – mild, minor, or major.

“Mild depression gets better on its own. However, it helps to partake with someone or increase social commerce if it's mild. That is, not being insulated, mixing with everyone, and being around people you like. Indeed some of it can be overcome by not withdrawing from people. It's possible to rise."

 Another specific of depression, he says, is the desire to withdraw." That is why we say exercise. A regular 30- nanosecond walk is great. However, moving around outdoors can also be salutary if someone cannot go out."

 He said the more physically active a person is, the further his problems will be reduced." The most important thing is to stay mentally strong and have confidence that I can do it. That is why I concentrate on my cons and exercise good effects." still, he thinks that if the work of diurnal life or studies or the relationship with the family continues to deteriorate or if someone seems to be constantly tone- destructing, he should seek the help of a croaker.


 According to him, depression is veritably treatable and shouldn't be neglected.

 With the same opinion, Dr. Muntasir Maruf said that in the case of depression, it's possible to get over it fluently if you take a croaker's advice and consequently manage your life.

 Other effects that you can take care of to avoid this problem:

 1. Change negative tone- detriment and tone- harming mindsets Depression can lead to negative tone- images, passions of inferiority. As a result, numerous people want to harm themselves. However, so avoid these studies; if you carry this mindset, it spreads like a contagion.

 2. Stay active and stay active. Energy situations go down due to depression. I was tired all the time. As a result, depression worsens if you stop working. It's a cerebral fact that keeping yourself busy helps help depression. It's scientifically proven that 20 twinkles of exercise 5 days a week improves mood. So, keep working.


 3. Be among favored bones

 You want to be alone at this time. I do not like talking to others. But at this time, further people should be in between. However, spend time with family, musketeers, and loved ones if you're depressed. You can also go with them to your favorite places; it'll make you feel more.


 4. Do your favorite effects indeed if you do not want to. If you're depressed, you do not want to do your favorite effects because they do not like anything. Still, try doing effects like cuisine, hearkening to music, delineation, etc. Since it felt good to do them ahead, doing them again can feel good.


 5. Watch a comedy television show, movie, or series. When we smile, communication reaches the brain, and we're happy. A good comedy movie or show can temporarily cheer you up. As a result, one gets the provocation to be happy again in life.


 6. Talk to a therapist. Talking is a good way to combat depression. However, the source of the pain can be set up if you open your mind and reveal the inner pains. However, communicate with the therapist if the position of the complaint exceeds and interferes with diurnal life. Who'll help us open up and guide us back to a healthy normal life? It can also define drugs if necessary.